Vintage Watch Straps

Crafted from a variety of materials, our vintage straps pay homage to the past while providing the comfort and durability required for modern wear. Whether you're drawn to the rich history of aged leather, the textured complexity of woven fabrics, or the unique appeal of period-specific designs, our vintage collection offers an array of styles to breathe new life into your cherished timepiece.


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Silverstone Vintage Black Watch StrapSilverstone Vintage Black Watch Strap
Silverstone Driver Black Watch StrapSilverstone Driver Black Watch Strap
Silverstone Driver Brown Watch StrapSilverstone Driver Brown Watch Strap
Silverstone Driver Tan Watch StrapSilverstone Driver Tan Watch Strap
Sale price£36.00 GBP
Vintage Rustic Red Watch StrapVintage Rustic Red Watch Strap
Sale price£38.00 GBP
Vintage Rustic Brown Watch StrapVintage Rustic Brown Watch Strap
Sale price£38.00 GBP
Vintage Rustic Green Watch StrapVintage Rustic Green Watch Strap
Sale price£38.00 GBP
Vintage Rustic Tan Watch StrapVintage Rustic Tan Watch Strap
Sale price£38.00 GBP
Vintage Rustic Blue Watch StrapVintage Rustic Blue Watch Strap
Sale price£38.00 GBP
Silverstone Classic Tan Watch StrapSilverstone Classic Tan Watch Strap
Silverstone Classic Red Watch StrapSilverstone Classic Red Watch Strap
Silverstone Classic Brown Watch StrapSilverstone Classic Brown Watch Strap
Silverstone Classic Blue Watch StrapSilverstone Classic Blue Watch Strap
Silverstone Classic Black Watch StrapSilverstone Classic Black Watch Strap
Silverstone Rally Brown Watch StrapSilverstone Rally Brown Watch Strap
Silverstone Rally Black Watch StrapSilverstone Rally Black Watch Strap
Silverstone Vintage Red Watch StrapSilverstone Vintage Red Watch Strap
Silverstone Vintage Tan Watch StrapSilverstone Vintage Tan Watch Strap
Silverstone Vintage Brown Watch StrapSilverstone Vintage Brown Watch Strap
Silverstone Vintage Blue Watch StrapSilverstone Vintage Blue Watch Strap