How to measure a watch strap

1. Detach the Strap (If Possible)

Begin by carefully removing the strap from your watch. This will allow for more accurate measurements. If the strap cannot be removed, proceed with caution to avoid damaging your watch.

2. Measure the Lug Width

The lug width is the width between the two points where the strap attaches to the watch. Place your ruler at one lug and extend it directly across to the opposite lug to measure this distance. Record this measurement, as it's crucial for ensuring the new strap will fit your watch.

3. Determine the Strap Length

Lay the strap flat and measure the length of both the buckle end and the long end separately. Measure from the lug end to the end of the strap, excluding the buckle. Write down these lengths to reference when selecting a new strap.

4. Check the Strap Width

For straps that might taper, measure the width at both the lug end and the tip. Note these measurements, especially if you prefer a strap that narrows towards the buckle.