Extra Long Watch Straps

Long or Extra long watch straps are the perfect choice for people who want to make wearing a wristwatch a little more comfortable also ideal for people who just like the additional length or option to wear their watch on a looser hole.

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If you’re looking for a watch strap that is longer than the standard length, then look no further.

Extra Long Watch Straps are made from high-quality leather and designed to be comfortable on your wrist all day long. We have an extensive range of colours and styles available so you can find one that matches your personality or outfit perfectly. Our extra long watch straps are also very durable so they will last a lifetime with proper care.

There’s nothing worse than having to constantly adjust your watch because it feels too tight around your wrist or because it keeps slipping off when you bend over to pick something up. With our extra long watch straps, this won’t happen anymore! You can wear them loose without worrying about them coming undone at any moment or being too tight around the wrist which makes wearing a watch more enjoyable again! So what are you waiting for? Order your extra long watch strap today with free UK delivery.

How long is an XL watch strap?

Extra long watch straps are different lengths depending on the lug width. Straps that measure up to 14mm in width are 190mm or 19cms long this is excluding the watch head. For straps that are 16mm or wider, the length is 210mm or 21cm again excluding the watch head.

How can I make my watch strap longer?

Unfortunately, you can’t make a watch strap any longer. So if your watch strap is a standard length and you ideally would like a little extra room then extra long watch straps are a perfect choice.