How To Wear Tweed Watch Straps: A Practical Guide

How To Wear Tweed Watch Straps: A Practical Guide

Tweed has been a fashion staple for decades because it is quintessentially British. Tweed was originally developed out of necessity to help protect outdoor workers from the often-unrelenting British weather. Over time, this material has been subject to many different reinventions, from clothing to accessories and everything in between – it is incredibly versatile. However, many people still don’t know how to style tweed.

What is Tweed?

Tweed is a natural material traditionally made from wool and features a soft, open weave. It first appeared in the 18th century, having been developed by Scottish farmers. It was originally developed to help them to endure the long, harsh winters. In time, the material became incredibly popular, and it was an especially big hit with the British aristocracy. It quickly became the go-to for the upper classes for sports such as shooting, hunting, and even sailing, thanks to its water-resistance properties and warmth. The tweed of today is much more accessible, with many people donning it for a variety of social situations. The unrelenting popularity of tweed has made its way from simple clothing items to accessories like belts and watch straps. So how do you style a tweed watch strap?

Laid Back & Casual

Because of its roots, many people still see tweed as a material for posh people or events, which means they struggle to style it for more casual situations. The key is not to overthink it. The first step is to choose a tweed watch strap in a colour that you like; you can then use this to choose your other pieces. Start with jeans, they are incredibly versatile, and they make an excellent base for any casual outfit. Blue jeans are perhaps more casual than other colours. Next, add a t-shirt in a complimentary colour, something that matches the colours in your watch strap. Lastly, the jacket and shoes this is where you can dress up or down the outfit; if you want to keep it more casual for a daytime look, then adding a contrasting denim jacket or bomber jacket will work. Finish off the look with a pair of on-trend trainers – converse or vans are always a good option.

Smart Casual or Professional

This is perhaps more of a challenge; styling a smart casual look isn’t easy. It is a difficult line to walk. First things first, blue jeans are out. You could perhaps get away with a smarter pair of black jeans but, by in large, a smart casual look requires trousers or a plain skirt if you are so tempted. Trainers are also out; you should instead opt for a pair of shoes or boots, either in black or brown – whichever colour matches your trousers best. For the top half, a shirt or jumper would work best; again, you need to look for colours that will complement your tweed watch strap. You could also add a tweed jacket or overcoat if you have one, it doesn’t need to exactly match the tweed of your watch strap, but it also should not be too contrasting. Some people believe that tweed looks better when worn in; it loses some of its rigidity which then means that it lends itself better to a smart casual look.

Fancy & Formal

Start with the dress code of the event; most formal events have a dress code to give you an idea of what is expected of you when you turn up. For example, some events will ask you to wear a suit or a cocktail dress, and some will ask you to wear a tux or an evening gown. For the dresses, try to choose a dress in a colour that compliments the cross threads in the tweed; matching the main colour is an option, but it might make your outfit look a little too monochromatic. For the suit options, you could go for a classic black suit; you could opt for a more contemporary suit. Coloured suits are growing in popularity, so you should be able to find one that matches your watch strap. You could also even go for a tailored tweed suit; they are effortlessly elegant – although they are warm, so think about your destination.

In Conclusion

Some younger people today have misconceptions when it comes to tweed; they think of it as something that their grandparents would wear. However, tweed is durable and stylish, which is why it has managed to remain steadily popular since its creation. It all comes down to the styling. If you are new to tweed, then incorporating smaller accessories is a great way to dip your toe in without making too much of a commitment.

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