How To Find Out What Size Watch Strap You Need

How To Find Out What Size Watch Strap You Need

Watches are an incredibly popular fashion accessory, and as such, they come in all manner of shapes and sizes. This means that there are options to suit all body types and styles. However, because there are so many options out there, it can be difficult to make a choice. One of the most important considerations when buying a watch or watch strap is the fit.

Watch straps are usually determined by two measurements, the length and the width. Read on for some tips on how to find out your watch strap size.


The width is the distance between the lugs or where the strap will fit on the watch. To determine this, you can use a ruler to measure the width of the part of the strap that uses either spring bars or screws to attach to your watch case. This measurement is usually taken in millimetres.

How to measure a watch strap

Some straps are slightly larger at the attachment side versus the buckle side, these are called tapered straps, and they often have two different measurements – one for either side, although there are also straight straps that have the same width all along. Whether you opt for a straight strap or a tapered strap comes down to personal preference. Remember, the most important measurement is the attachment side to ensure that the new strap will fit onto your watch case properly.


There are two length measurements, the tail end, which is the end with the holes in, and the buckle end. The strap length is based on wrist size. You can find out your wrist size by wrapping a piece of string or thread around your wrist; make a mark where the string overlaps. This should be as tight as you usually wear your watch.

Once you have made your mark lay the string – or whatever you used – flat onto a table and use a ruler to measure the distance. You need the total measurement of your wrist. It can then be cut down to two measurements: the tail and the watch’s buckle sides. This measurement is again usually expressed in millimetres. (All our straps have this information on the product page).

Use Your Exiting Watch Straps

Instead of taking your measurements, you can always use the measurements of the existing watch strap that you like – as long as it fits with your watch case. If it doesn’t, you can always take the length measurement and measure the width of the lugs on the watch case you want to attach it to and combine those measurements. If you find a style you like, then why not get it in different colours to keep your options open?

In Conclusion

Choosing the right strap length is arguably subjective. It comes down to personal preference; there is not really a right or wrong answer. A length that others consider too long or too short might work for you. It depends on how long of a tail you like; some people don’t like too much excess tail, whereas, for others, it adds to their look. Changing your watch straps is a great way to inject a little personality into your look.

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