Which watch straps are the most durable?

Which watch straps are the most durable?

When it comes to watches, you need to consider various factors when choosing the right one for you. Watches come in all different shapes and sizes and with various additional features. But one of the most important factors to consider is the type of strap that your watch has.

How To Find Out What Size Watch Strap You Need

Watches are an incredibly popular fashion accessory, and as such, they come in all manner of shapes and sizes. This means that there are options to suit all body types and styles. However, because there are so many options out there, it can be difficult to make a choice. One of the most important considerations […]

Modern Timepiece Features to Watch Out For

Wristwatches have a wide variety of components and features, some of which have seen huge advancements over time and some haven’t. These features have had to keep up with the differing needs of the consumer in order to avoid obsolescence. Watches are not solely for telling time anymore. The question is: what are these new […]

When To Replace Your Watch Strap

When To Replace Your Watch Strap: Our Guide

When you buy a new watch, it will look stunning and clean. However, after many years of wear and enjoyment, the watch will start to look older.  One of the main parts of your watch that show its age is the strap. Watch straps are made from materials such as nylon or silicone, or other […]

Smartwatch Buying Guide for Fitness Fans

A smartwatch is a must-have for any fitness fan; they help you to keep track of your workouts and log your activity. They go above and beyond the use of a simple watch, not to mention the fact that they make a stylish accessory too. So how can you tell which smartwatch is right for […]

5 Benefits of Vegan Watch Straps

5 Benefits of Vegan Watch Straps

One of the biggest trends to emerge in recent years is sustainability, and as an offshoot of that, a lot of consumers are looking for ethical products from food to fashion. As a result, veganism is on the rise; when a product is marked as vegan, it means that no animals were harmed in the […]

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